Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello there! I'm Nancy and this my website. I made this blog as a task for Eglinton Articles, which is an ESL and Web Development course. If you would like to hire me, simply use the contact form available on this site. Below is my Resume, with some examples of online websites and content material I've produced perversely.

Graduated with distinction from ECU
8 years of content creation experience (specifically for Internet based customers)
4 years of web development experience.
Competent, team player employee with a taste for specifics.

Work Experience.
Eglinton Articles,2009 - Present
Team Leader
Responsible for coordinating a international crew of internet writers to match a challenging set of advanced objectives and goals.
- Make new records for end result, boosting production by 30% internationally
- Correctly handled consistent logs of project distribution
- Monitored QA for global generation over a large crew of content writers

Self Employed Web Designer

Additional Abilities
Proficient in Arabic
Outstanding knowledge utilizing huge choice of office software

You can find my work on these sites

Cheap Tickets For Military

There are several airline companies that offer cheap flights to military personnel on domestic and international flights. It is required for you to bring and present identification papers to airline companies certifying your current services in the army, marine, navy or air force. With these papers, you will experience no hassle in availing of the affordable plane tickets. You may go... Continue reading..

Cheap Tickets For Military

This is the reason why there are now cheap tickets for military personnel from different airlines across the country. Contrary to the belief of many, military personnel actually pay for their own air ticket fares when they are on leave. Since airline prices are increasing due to the increasing fuel prices, there are those personnel who may not want to... Click here to read more..

Cheap Flights From Vancouver

It does not only provide you with the least expensive airline tickets but likewise provide information about you stay in a certain place. Ryanair also offers flight package which includes expenses on flight fares hotel accommodations. As the 3rd largest airline company in Europe when it comes to the number of passengers, Rayanair guarantees its customers that it will remain an inexpensive flight which also gives... Source of information..

Airlines In Canada

There are airlines that only cater to domestic flights but there are also larger airline companies that offer international flights to other countries even outside North America. One of the largest airlines in Canada is Air Canada. It is also the flag carrier and has multiple hubs aside from just one. It was initially named Trans Canada Airlines but after seeking the approval of the Canadian Government to bear the flag of the country,... Source of information..

Ayers Rock

It is one of the world’s most amazing natural rock formations and is considered as a natural wonder. It is also one of Australia’s most prized tourist destinations. Scientifically speaking, it is a very large sandstone rock that has naturally formed in Uluru... Source..

Barbados All Inclusive

According to economists, Barbados is among the top 51 wealthiest countries in the world and the standard of living there is quite high. But this should not scare potential tourists away since there are numerous Barbados all inclusive hotels and resorts that offer great packages for visitors.  Although the country has a lot of British influence and there are numerous high class resorts and accommodations for the rich and the famous, there are also nice hotels around... Continue reading..

Barcelona Spain

Among the most visited cities in Spain is Barcelona. Although Barcelona is not the capital of Spain, it is still a very culture-driven city that is raking in cash due to both its economy and tourism as well. There are many airline carriers that travel internationally to and from Barcelona Spain. This means access to the city is really... Source..

Bora Bora All Inclusive

Aside from its beautiful sceneries, there are also fine places you can spend shopping with your companion at Island Market. You can find in this place the oldest and largest art gallery of Bora Bora. What is very special in this island which is very... Click here to continue..

Buffalo Airport Hotels

A guest just needs to travel 4 miles from the Buffalo International Airport to the Hampton Inn Buffalo. A lot of guests love the location of this hotel, giving them a very good access to a number of best shopping centers in Buffalo like the Galleria Mall which is located less than half a mile from the hotel. Other shopping stores you will surely visit include Hugo Boss, Sephora, Abercrombie and Fitch, Coach, Ann Taylor and mind you, the Apple... Find out more...

Cheap Hotels Toronto

Whatever the case may be, cheap hotels Toronto will be found in almost any convenient place in the city. Most decent hotels in the city are priced around the 100 dollar range. But there are also hotels that can go as low as 60 dollars per night. Canada’s Best Value Inn in Toronto is one of the hotels in the city that gives cheap accommodations. A night in the hotel can only cost you 72 dollars. Although... Click here to continue..

Cheap International Flights

Yes, people may have saved a lot for a planned vacation in the Bahamas or somewhere warm and tropical. But what people dread about is the amount of money they would have to use for airline tickets. Because of the increase in gas prices, this definitely affects the way airlines charge their customers. But people should not worry that much since there are different ways on how to get cheap... Read more..

Costa Rica Resorts

As an eco- friendly resort, Paradisus Playa Conchal offers some life- enrichment classes in sushi- making, cooking, tango dancing, birdwatching and wine tasting. The in-room amenities that the resort boasts are cable television, stocked mini bars, private terraces and balconies and sofa beds. Barcelo Tambor Beach: This eco- friendly resort in Costa Riva sits on the Pacific Ocean. It is where the Cabo Blanco National Park is located which features local flora and fauna and natural volcanic sands.... Find out more...

Cottage Rentals In Ontario

Rates vary from one rental to another. They can range from $800 weekly for a charmingly simple cabin with a small number of facilities to $8000 weekly for a beautiful multi- level... Source of information..

Cottages For Rent In Ontario

Because of the numerous choices, you can find it quite difficult to choose and decide on one. It would be best if you discuss it first with your family... Find out more...

Cruises From Florida

Apart from the famed Disneyland, you can also visit museums, parks and resorts. Bear in mind that travel and cruising are opportunities which you cannot enjoy all your life,... Continue reading..

Flights To Florida

The airway carriers’ flights to Florida bring in an estimated 40 million passengers a year. That number is definitely a very big number. People come to Florida for business purposes but most people visit the state for a vacation. There are actually a lot of things that people can do while they are in Florida. Disneyland should not be the only stop of the family. The gulf side of the state features great resorts and beaches where the weather... Source..

Hotel Paris

It is a five star hotel which can offer you a wide selection of amenities and features. It is the only 5- star hotel throughout the famous avenue. It has... Read more..

Hotels Downtown Montreal

There is also room service that is available for the guests throughout the day. But if the guests would want to go out for... Source of information..

Hotels In Seattle

This hotel is dominated by stucco walls, bright colors and wrought- iron accents. Its lobby has a wall which is mural- painted with swimming dolphins. The Hotel Vintage Park is famous for its bright red and gold accents in the lobby area and guest rooms. Most of the rooms of... Source..

Italy Tourism

This will allow you to save some money since most hotels offer discounts for early reservations. The most common thing to do in Venice is to visit old buildings and churches.... To read more click here...

Mount Kilimanjaro

It stands from a number of cultivated farmlands on its lower levels and rises through alpine meadows and lush rainforest. The lower rainforest of this mountain holds a wide variety of animals such as elands, monkeys, buffalos and leopards. The elands are seen occasionally between the twin peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo. Mount Kilimanjaro is composed of three... More on this page..